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How To Store Wine


Sponsored by our exclusive wine storage partner, Elite Wine Refrigeration


Let’s talk about a topic you might not have given much thought to before: wine storage.


Why should you care about wine storage?

1 - Keeping your wines in great condition: A spoiled bottle of wine can really spoil a special occasion. Imagine you’ve saved up for a special bottle, bought it, and opened it a few weeks later at a dinner party with your closest friends, only to find that it has turned to vinegar. To avoid this - no matter whether you have 5 bottles or 5,000 - making sure your wines are stored correctly is *so* important. 


2 - Building a wine collection: wine nerds like us aren’t much different to book nerds, but rather than collecting books, we like to build a library of bottles! What could be more fun than an afternoon arranging your bottles in alphabetical order, from Arbois to Zinfandel… 


3 - A stylish addition to your home. Let’s face it, some of the best wine fridges just look super cool (if you’ll excuse the pun) and will impress any house-proud wine lover and their guests!


What do wine bottles actually *need*?


1 - The right temperature. Cool, but not too cool. 8c to 18c is the temperature range to go for, with 13c-14c generally considered optimal for long term storage of wine, to maintain their quality.


2 - A stable temperature. Extreme temperature swings can damage the liquid in the bottle, and - in extreme cases - cause the liquid to seep out. Keep it steady!


3 - Keep the lights down low. Ultraviolet light can damage wine very quickly.


4 - As little vibration as possible. Vibration can cause the chemical reactions in the bottle to speed up, in turn speeding up the ageing of your bottles.


5 - The right level of humidity - too little and the corks can dry out, too much and mould can grow.


6 - Store them sideways. It’s thought that corks can dry out otherwise.


That seems like a lot to consider, right? That’s where Elite Wine Refrigeration step in. 


Their range of Wine Coolers, Wine Cabinets and Wine Walls are all designed to keep your bottles in optimum condition at the flick of a switch! 


Here are a few of our top choices from Elite’s range.


For those starting their wine collection: Dunavox - 16 bottle Mini 


For those with a growing selection of bottles: Climadiff - 56 Bottle


For those with more than 100 bottles: La Sommeliere - 121 Bottle 

For the lucky people with more than 300 bottles: La Sommeliere - 329 Bottles 

For those looking for the ultimate in style: Teca Vino - Wine Wall TE14 

Tag us (@corking.wine) and Elite (@Elite_Fridges) to show us your wine collections!

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Wine Tastings

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We hold wine tastings for organisations, on behalf of wineries and for individuals who want something special for a birthday party! 

We love holding tastings and exploring new wines with people, so if you would like one - get in touch. 


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